Scopia Desktop Videoconferencing software makes it possible for you to use your computer or mobile device to connect to other computers, distance learning rooms, portable videoconferencing carts and mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Using Scopia Desktop and the videoconferencing bridge at ESU 17 you can connect to multiple sites (up to 15 other sites on a high speed connection) and see everyone on your screen. Those schools that have DSL or satellite Internet connections may be limited in the number of sites they can include in a videoconference because of bandwidth issues.

To set up a meeting with multiple sites call Becky or Ben at ESU 17 402-387-2520 or email or

Scopia Desktop - Windows:
Getting Started with Scopia Desktop in Windows

Video Tutorial - Setting the preferences for the Chat 50 microphone and Logitech webcam on Windows: NNpZLZo8o0cM
Note: If you are having problems with audio and video during a meeting and have to change the settings for your microphone and camera, exit the meeting after you have changed the settings and then re-enter the meeting.

Scopia Desktop - Mac


Video Tutorial - setting the preferences for the chat 50 microphone and Logitech webcam on a mac: NSgKRO0B