Learning with the iPod and iPad

Getting to Know Your iPad and How to Manage It Workshop Agenda
Using the iPad as a Creative Tool in the Classroom Workshop Agenda

Agenda for the Day
  1. IOS Basics - Patty
    1. Managing Your Device and Basic Tips & Tricks
  2. Built-in Applications
    1. Settings-Ben
      1. WiFi
      2. Bluetooth (advantages and disadvantages of having it on or off)
      3. General
        1. About
        2. Software Update
        3. VPN (what is this?)
        4. iTunes WiFi Sync
        5. Passcode Lock
        6. Restrictions
        7. Multitasking Gestures
        8. Accessibility
      4. iCloud
      5. Mail, Contacts, Calendars
      6. iTune & App Stores
    2. Email-Ben
    3. Facetime-Mary
    4. Messages-Mary
    5. Notes-Mary
    6. Photos-Videos-Calendar-Contacts-Mary
    7. Safari-Mary
  3. iTunes and App. Store Basics - Mary
    1. Creating a iTunes App Store account without a credit card.
    2. Searching (search for i-nigma and download)
    3. Be careful when purchasing apps. For a period of time your password stays active.
  4. Application Sharing Session
    1. Using your iPad as a clicker, remote mouse and a whiteboard.-Patty
      1. Socrative-free web-based system that uses mobile devices (cell phones, ipods, ipads, computers) for gathering feedback. See how it works. Teacher goes to t.socrative.com, student goes to m.socrative.com. Limited to 50 users per activity.
      2. Touchpad-Free App that allow you to turn your iPad into a touchpad to control your computer. Splashtop Whiteboard, $19.99 would also allow you to mark up and draw from you iPad.
        1. Install Touchpad App on device.
        2. Download and Install Splashtop Streamer on your computer.
      3. Doceri Remote (Free App) and Doceri Desktop ($50 download on your computer) work together to allow you to control your computer from your iPad. Doceri.com
      4. Air Sketch Lite (Free) Full Version $9.99. Allows you to turn your iPad into a whiteboard and even record small tutorials.
      5. Notetaking Apps
      6. Using the Apple TV with the iPad.
    2. Math/Special Ed.Apps.
    3. Language Arts/Fine Arts
    4. Science/Social Studies
    5. Use Poll Everywhere to share favorite Apps. polleverywhere.com
  5. iPod and iPad Application Challenge Activity (QR Code Activity) - Mary
    1. What are QR Codes Presentation?
    2. Show qrcode.kaywa.com QR Generator, can create code for URL, text, phone #, sms
    3. Show qrvoice.net Translates text.
  6. Sharing "How are you going to use this personally and professionally".
    1. Report out using Linoit.com , a web-based sticky note service.
  7. Discussion Link to follow up and share your experiences.

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