Intermediate iPad Tools to Engage Your Students

The presentation for todays workshop can be found at:

  • Chatroom for the workshop is at __todaysmeet.com__ (Use this if there are any questions you want answered or any comments regarding todays workshop)
  • What is QR Code Video? (commoncraft QR Code video)
  • Scan QR codes using i-nigma app. (Download app)
  • Make QR code at, Google Chrome extension, __qrvoice.net__(Show Lynne Herr’s wiki
  • Steve Wozniak and Leonard Nimroy talk about a universal translator in __Youtube__(use QR code to direct them)
  • Google Translate app - download and how it works (Use QR code to direct them)
  • iBooks app - download free books for kids (practice downloading Garbage! Monster! Burp!) Download free textbook and demonstrate some of the unique features that the textbooks have.
  • - make prediction what the story “Garbage! Monster! Burp!” is about(QR code)
  • Quizlet - Show a list of vocabulary terms from the book “Garbage! Monster! Burp!”. Use Quizlet on the iPad and the Flashcards* app to dowload quizlet sets. Practice different mode of studying using Quizlet. (Use QR code to direct to Quizlet and the free Flashcards* app).
  • - use this as another means of practicing vocabulary terms. (QR Code)
  • Google Images - find a picture to go along with their vocabulary term. Save Image and it saves to camera roll.
  • Comic Touch app. - bring in image saved from Google Images. Using the tools include the vocabulary word and the definition. (QR code)
  • Up in Pieces app. - create a puzzle for the previous image. (QR code)
  • Bump app. - share images with each other that were created using Comic Touch. (QR code)
  • Scribble press app. - create an ePub for images that are bumped. (QR code)
  • - to give quizzes on iPads. Demonstrate to them as students and practice creating one as a teacher. (QR code)
  • Dragon Dictation app. (QR code)
  • Air Sketch app. - Allows you to turn your iPad into a whiteboard and even record small tutorials.(QR code)
  • is a drawing webapp. (QR code)
  • Puppet Pals app.
  • Popplet app.
  • PaperPort Notes app.