Description: Google has so much to offer educators. Come learn how to use Google Chrome, Google Drive and the Google+ apps designed specifically for the iPad. This workshop is hands on and you will need your own iPad.

Workshop Presentation

Google Chrome App

  1. How to open unlimited tabs
    1. Click on the small tab located next to large tab.
    2. Practice opening unlimited tabs.
  2. Swiping between tabs
    1. Swipe from the left or right side of the screen.
    2. Practice swiping between tabs.
  3. Search and surf using omnibox
    1. Open a new tab and start typing in the address bar.
    2. Practice searching and creating a bookmark (click on the star in the address bar).
  4. Ability to sync with other devices and most visited websites on new tab
    1. Click on the three lines at the right side of the address bar, select settings.
    2. Sign in to Chrome
    3. Click on your name and set sync to on
    4. Look at bookmarks, other devices (requires syncing) and most visited.
  5. Voice search
    1. Click on the microphone icon on the right side of the omnibar and ask away, rather than tap through the letters.
    2. Practice voice search by click on the microphone.
  6. Better keyboard
    1. Provides quick access to several important keys when the omnibox is in use, to aid in typing the full URL out faster. (Hint: start typing in omnibox for the special keys to show up).
    2. Click on a new tab and start typing to show the enhances keyboard.
  7. Ability to save passwords
    1. In the settings menu, this will remember passwords for the sites you log in.
    2. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using this feature.
  8. Look at the more menu
    1. Click on the three lines at the right side of the address bar.
    2. New Tab
    3. New Icognito* Tab
    5. Other devices
    6. History
    7. Report an Issue
    8. Share
    9. Find a Page
    10. Request Desktop Site
    11. Print
    12. Settings
    13. Help

Google Drive App

  1. How does the Drive App look vs. Drive on the computer
  2. Creating Documents
    1. What documents you can create on the iPad Drive App vs. Computer
      1. Can create a word processing document, spreadsheet document.
      2. Can view presentations and forms, but do not have the capability of creating.
      3. There is a workaround for creating presentations and forms on the iPad.
    2. Sharing Documents--discuss the different sharing options
      1. Sharing for Collaboration
      2. Sharing for Handouts
      3. Submitting Assignments
  3. To Do:
    1. Teachers create
      1. Class folder for each class
      2. In the class folder, create a folder for assignments and make it as a view only with private access.
      3. Create a Dropbox folder for each student in their class folder and share privately with just that students.
    2. Students
      1. Move the shared folders to their drive.
      2. Open a view only document in assignment folder.
      3. Select All, Copy and create a new document and paste material into the document. (Name using the schools naming convention.)
      4. Complete assignment and then move to their Dropbox folder.
    3. Share G class Folder Script

Google+ App

  1. Finding people to add to your circles.
  2. Joining communities.
  3. Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts App

  1. When in a call the pictures help you get the options to change camera, sound and hangup.
  2. How to add people to Hangout.
  3. Look at the settings.

Classroom Advantages and various ways to use Google in the Classroom